Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kickin' It With the Kids!

Hello and welcome back to my little part of the digital world!  So much has happened since we last met... I ate about 3 guinea pigs (actually I just kind of moved them around the plate and picked at them a little), my whole town was without phone or internet service for about a week, I travelled to Cajamarca city for a youth camp, and I learned how to say "no!"

First up I think we should all take a look at this monkey:
Isn't he cute!?
So I have been pretty darn busy but the good thing is that almost every moment has been a blast.  I would love to find a way to make this kind of work my career.  I met the little fella above in Sócota:

Pretty right?

This is the site of my friend and fellow volunteer, Annalise:
I look good!

Together we went to a small campo called Laguna Shita (we still giggle about this) to do some workshops on self-esteem and leadership with all of the kids of the newly established school there.  I got to watch poor blindfolded children try to make it through a field of trash without touching a piece while about 50 other children screamed out directions... they seemed amused so I don't feel too bad

My workshop was on leadership.
Annalise was doing something along the lines of self-esteem.  I have to say I feel I got the better end of the deal because I got to work with the secondaria while she had to work with the tiny ones.  She laughed at me when I asked if kids that age know how to read...

Who knows what Annalise's workshop was...

I made some friends from her group though!

Apparently I cannot get enough of these kids because the following week I was in Cajamarca city for a boy's youth camp.  (where Incan Emperor Atahualpa was captured by Pizarro - they have some really nice hot springs there so I can't really blame the dude for chilling out there while Pizarro marched through conquering his empire).
We played games, I gave a charla on trash and the environment, we ate ice cream, and hung out in the hot springs -  no, really, my job is a lot harder than it sounds ;)
Trust Falls!  Oh man this takes me back...

A tour of the University of Cajamarca's green houses.
It was a great trip and we will be doing one for the female youth in a few more months.  Right now I am finishing up my community diagnostic and making preparations for my trip to Ancash, where I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with some friends, do some hiking, and attend a week long training.  It will be a much needed break and a great chance to recharge.  To be honest I have kind of forgotten I am even in Peru, it just feels like home now -  getting out and seeing the sites will get my excitement up.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a little bit of my experience with me, but before you go I would like to show you part of my host home that you have not seen yet.
This is our back yard.
My host dad has put up a grill (behind the photo) and a beautiful flower bed (to the right of the photo) and plans on putting up a vegetable garden and a table for picnics.

It is certainly hard to think that it is fall out there in the states right now... I really miss the halloween/thanksgiving/christmas atmosphere but, on the other hand, I most certainly cannot complain.

Remember that you are always welcome to visit!