Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I am going to miss Denver.  I am going to miss school (maybe).  I am going to miss my Katie and my friends and my family.  But I am also going to have the experience of a lifetime.  I am going to have adventures and hardships and plenty of memories to bring back with me.  With a little luck and hard work I might even have the opportunity and success of helping others.  I will bring that all back with me in two years and hopefully *gasp* find a job!

It is kind of funny but the closer my time to leave approached, the more time I spent getting to know, then love, the city I lived in: Denver.  I went all over trying new restaurants, street vendors, coffee shops, bike trails...  And I realized that I had been traveling a lot without really exploring my own home town.  Luckily I had my wonderful girlfriend to show me around and help me see what a fantastic place I am leaving -thanks! I think...

Here are some fun photos of things I discovered during my adventures!

Now I am sitting in my hotel room waiting for tomorrow's training and thinking about all the good times I have had over the past two years down in Denver.  Thank you to everyone for the wonderful times and the amazing send off I received.  If there is a secret to happiness it is probably found in the company you keep.

Now onto the business portion of this whole blog.  I will give everyone a run down of what I know and what you need to know... as far as I know.


Peruvian post can take about two weeks to and from... but I will love receiving packages... especially once the home sickness kicks in!  This address will work for the first three months while I am in training.

Chris Huey, PCT
Cuerpo de Paz
Calle Vía Láctea 132
Urb. Los Granados, Surco
Lima 33, Peru

Keep it under a pound people... otherwise it can be assessed duty fees.  Also, keep the expensive stuff for when I get back... cus it WILL disappear, probably.  I will update the address as it changes.


I might have a cell phone... I will get a calling card and be able to chat once in a while.  However, I think that using Skype (a free online video chat program) is probably the best option if I have access to...


While I will mostly likely not have constant access to the internet there is a possibility I will be in a city that has internet cafés and will have daily access.  If not that, then I should be near enough to such a city to get weekly access.  If not, then I will be out in the middle of nowhere and you can pretty much write me off as a lost cause... (just kidding - I still want packages).


I will do my best to be safe.  Peru is a safe country and has the typical type of crime.  Lots of pick-pockets in crowded areas and whatnot.  I know not to walk alone and night...etc.  I will stick with friendly locals when I travel.  Honestly, my laptop is at more risk than I am... and I am smart enough to let someone have it who threatens me for it.  Don't worry about me :).... but DO send packages.


I will miss you all.  Send Packages.

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